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Tiefencastel, Switzerland

The Chasm of Via Mala 

The Via Mala used to be the ancient Roman road connecting northern Italy to what is now Switzerland. It is hard to believe as you walk through the forest next to a raging river that this used to be the main thoroughfare for all commerce in the classical world going to this part of Europe. As you make your way through the tunnel from Thusis, the valley next to you quickly gives way for a spectacularly deep chasm. One of the first things of note is a parking spot with a small tourist building. Here you can take steps down to the lower part of this chasm to explore the depths below. There several look outs with interesting stories and information about the chasm at the bottom of the steps. Next to this, a little further up the road, are several bunkers. In here you will find... Read more
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Walking around Alp-Flix 

For people looking for a slightly more challenging trek, a visit to Alp-Flix is a good idea. This mountaintop area houses an appealing lake surrounded by flowing grassy hills. It is located above the village of Sur and for the less athletic people among us it is reachable by car. An equally enjoyable way to get there is to trek up the mountain from the village below. There is readily accessible and free parking at the very top of the (somewhat vertically built) village. From here there are several ways to make your way up, and all of them have signs telling you where to go. The shortest – and in this authors opinion best – way is a twisting and somewhat steep mountain path that is flanked by beautiful nature on both sides. On this walk you may encounter several animals as well, such as ... Read more
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Skiing in Savognin 

Savognin is a short trip by car. Just head down the hill and turn right at the bus stop. If you keep driving straight you can’t miss Savognin. After about 10 minutes you will reach a small village called Cunter. Pass through it and you will quickly see Savognin appear. The ski lift is easily visible to your right. Make your way through the city and down the hill. There is paid parking right at the lift, as well as a free parking lot slightly further away. Getting there by bus is equally easy. Walk down to the bus stop, where a bus leaves every hour. Departure times vary but it will usually be at :01 or :56. You will most likely need to stow your skis or snowboard in the luggage compartment, but the bus driver will usually help you with this. Once you reach Savognin, which you will do... Read more
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Een fietstocht over de bergen 

Op een zonnige zaterdag ochtend besloten mijn zusje en ik dat het tijd was voor een sportieve dag. Om dit doel te realiseren besloten we om op een mountain bike tocht te gaan. Na even rond te hebben gekeken besloten we om in Savognin fietsen te huren, en van daaruit te zien wat we gingen doen. Eenmaal bij de ‘Cube Active’ aangekomen beseften we dat het net lunchpauze was. Gelukkig is er een klein meertje vrij dichtbij waar je een uur kunt verdoen door op een terrasje te zitten. Nadat dit uur verstreken was huurden wij onze fietsen (je kunt in de ‘Cube Active’ overigens wel meer sportieve dingen huren) en besloten wij tocht nummer ‘3’ te maken op de kaart. Zonder al te veel moeite begonnen wij onze reis, terwijl de oudere generatie een wandeling ging maken. Na ongeveer een kilometer... Read more
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Uitstapjes om en nabij Tiefencastel 

Juni 2015
Ons weekje Tiefencastel zit er bijna weer op. Dat wil zeggen, nog 2 dagen te gaan met volop plannen…! Jullie appartement is zeer comfortabel en ligt op een gunstige locatie van waaruit van alles te ondernemen valt. Vrijdag, na aankomst maakten we ons eerste wandeltripje naar het kerkje St. Mistail, echt prachtig!!! Wat een uitblinker in soberheid. Iemand was naast het kerkje bezig in zijn tuin te werken. Deze tuin stond vol met oer-gewassen zoals hennep, rogge, spelt enz. Zaterdag was het helaas slecht weer en besloten we naar Chur te gaan. Chur is een mooie gezellige stad, vooral met zon! Leuke terrassen en oude kerken. We hebben even rond gewandeld en daarna inkopen gedaan bij de Coop. Wat een overdaad aan luxe en voedsel. Goed in kunnen slaan voor de komende dagen. Zondag was... Read more
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A beautiful day in Italy 

A day trip from Tiefencastel to the shores of Lake Como
Because it was a rainy day in Tiefencastel, we decided to take a trip to the Italian countryside in search of better weather. As we made our way over the Julier pass and towards Lake Como, the weather showed no signs of improving. Fortunately, once we were on the other side of the mountain and in the valley in Italy the change was instantaneous and dramatic. Gone was the ~25 degree cloudy weather. Instead there were sunny skies, beautiful warm weather and attractive little Mediterranean villages. As we made our way down to the shores of Lake Como the executive decision was made to take a look at a the Palazzo Vertemate Franchi in the village of Valchiavenna. “Why do we have to see this dilapidated, glorified mansion?” I grumbled to no-one in particular as we parked the car at an... Read more
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