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Tiefencastel, Switzerland

A beautiful day in Italy 

A day trip from Tiefencastel to the shores of Lake Como
Because it was a rainy day in Tiefencastel, we decided to take a trip to the Italian countryside in search of better weather. As we made our way over the Julier pass and towards Lake Como, the weather showed no signs of improving. Fortunately, once we were on the other side of the mountain and in the valley in Italy the change was instantaneous and dramatic. Gone was the ~25 degree cloudy weather. Instead there were sunny skies, beautiful warm weather and attractive little Mediterranean villages. As we made our way down to the shores of Lake Como the executive decision was made to take a look at a the Palazzo Vertemate Franchi in the village of Valchiavenna. “Why do we have to see this dilapidated, glorified mansion?” I grumbled to no-one in particular as we parked the car at an... Read more
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