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Tiefencastel, Switzerland

Savognin is a short trip by car. Just head down the hill and turn right at the bus stop. If you keep driving straight you can’t miss Savognin. After about 10 minutes you will reach a small village called Cunter. Pass through it and you will quickly see Savognin appear. The ski lift is easily visible to your right. Make your way through the city and down the hill. There is paid parking right at the lift, as well as a free parking lot slightly further away.

Getting there by bus is equally easy. Walk down to the bus stop, where a bus leaves every hour. Departure times vary but it will usually be at :01 or :56. You will most likely need to stow your skis or snowboard in the luggage compartment, but the bus driver will usually help you with this. Once you reach Savognin, which you will do in about 10-15 minutes, get off at the first stop. You should see an elevated parking lot to your right. Here you have the option of waiting for the free sport-bus that stops by a few times every hour to drive you straight to the piste, or you can hop onto your skis or snowboard and slide down to your destination (if there is snow of course). If you follow the beaten path you will quickly get to the top of some stairs from where a short walk will take you to the piste.

Opportunities to rent equipment are available both on the mountain and next to the bus stop. The shop called Wasescha which should be in front of you to your left has good prices and a wide range of equipment in stock.

Getting home is equally easy: just wait for the sport-bus to pick you up at the bottom of the piste and drop you off at the bus stop.

Regardless of how you choose to travel to the piste, the journey is easy, fast and hassle-free!

The pistes themselves are wonderful and very well maintained! There is a central line of lifts to take you all the way to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy the spectacular view before skiing to wherever you would like. For the more casual skiers there are several beginner level pistes available, while the people looking for a challenge can choose from multiple higher level pistes.

The central strip of pistes heading down the mountain vary from challenging to fairly easy, but a good run on the challenging pistes should take you about 10-12 minutes. The personal record of the writer is at this time 8:29.55 to get from the very top of the mountain to the very bottom.

There is a side valley accessible from the very top of the central lifts. In this valley you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views, as well as some of the more casual pistes. There usually aren’t many people here so you will be able to enjoy the pistes without a great deal of interference.

There is also an excellent ski and snowboard school on the mountain, with a great number of highly competent instructors, who can teach anyone, whether he or she is a beginner or a more advanced ski or snowboard enthousiast. Their friendly staff is available to help you on-site at the first stop of the bottom ski-lift, or they can be found at

More information on the mountain and its surroundings is available at (use the Select Language option on top of the page to read it in English):

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