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Tiefencastel, Switzerland

The Via Mala used to be the ancient Roman road connecting northern Italy to what is now Switzerland. It is hard to believe as you walk through the forest next to a raging river that this used to be the main thoroughfare for all commerce in the classical world going to this part of Europe.

As you make your way through the tunnel from Thusis, the valley next to you quickly gives way for a spectacularly deep chasm. One of the first things of note is a parking spot with a small tourist building. Here you can take steps down to the lower part of this chasm to explore the depths below. There several look outs with interesting stories and information about the chasm at the bottom of the steps.

Next to this, a little further up the road, are several bunkers. In here you will find information detailing the history and geography of the area around you. These are well worth a read, as they contain interesting facts to surprise even the most seasoned traveler.

It is, however, recommended to drive a bit further up the road. About 2 kilometers after the tourist steps you will find a sharp turn with a bridge going over it. Right on the other side, hidden behind some trees, is a lovely camp site for backpackers and people who like to be surrounded by nature. From here on there is a hiking trail that follows the ancient Roman road. The river provides the ambient sound for your trek back to the tourist steps. This trek is not to be missed, as it is a truly exciting journey through the woods. You will also have to cross several suspension bridges, making your voyage all the more exciting.

Now imagine that it is 2000 years ago, and you are a merchant making your way south to get away from the harsh winters up north. How the world has changed!

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