Holiday apartment

Tiefencastel, Switzerland

Skiing in Savognin

The ski pistes in Savognin are both fun and easily reachable from the apartment. Savognin is a short trip by car. Just head down the hill and turn right at the bus stop. If you keep driving straight you can’t miss Savognin. After about 10 minutes you will reach a small village called Cunter. Pass through it and you will quickly see Savognin appear. The ski lift is easily visible to your right. Make your way through the city and down the hill. There is paid parking right at the lift, as well as a free parking lot slightly further away.


Hiking around Tiefencastel

Hike around Tiefencastel.The beautiful hiking trails in and around Tiefencastel are easily reachable. While most of the hiking trails require a short train ride, there are also several that start right at the front door. The apartment is stocked with local guides and maps, which give you a sense of how long and difficult the different hikes are.

Some of the most beautiful hikes are around the village of Bergün. There are very popular hiking routes between different train stations starting from or ending at Bergün, so that you get to visit 2 villages in one trip! An example of this is to take the train to the village of Preda and then hike down to Bergün. This is a relatively easy 2 hour hike, and the view is absolutely worth it!



Biking around Tiefencastel

There are a multitude of biking trails in and around Tiefencastel. Not only are there sauntering paths across the hills, there are also significantly more challenging bike paths that go up and down the various mountains.

If you are interested in renting a bike, or going on a mountain biking trip, the best place to start is Savognin. At the place where the ski piste originates (see also: Skiing in Savognin, there is a building called ‘Cube Active’. Bikes – and various other equipment – can be rented here for fairly low prices. There are several mountain biking trails that start right at the door of this Cube. Inside the Cube Active (not to be confused with the large glass Cube behind it, which is a hotel) there are also maps for these bike trails. These trails are well marked and it is virtually impossible to get lost on them.

For people who just want the thrill of going down-hill, it is entirely possible to purchase tickets for the ski lift which operates year round and can carry you and your bike up the hill. These tickets are considerably less expensive than in winter.

Swimming in and around Tiefencastel

There are a couple of possibilities for people who want to go swimming near Tiefencastel.

There is a swimming pool approximately 20 meters from the apartment, located in the school right next door. Opening times vary, so it is recommended to check them in advance. There is also a small, artificial lake in Savognin, where people can go swimming during the summer. Furthermore, there is an outdoor swimming pool in a picturesque wooded setting in Thusis, 9 kilometers from Tiefencastel. This place is also easily reachable by train or bus, if you want to have a beer afterwards.

Further, the wellnes-center and thermal bath in Alvaneu is open year round.

Visiting Italy

The picturesque countryside of Italy is easily reachable from the apartment by car. Simply head towards the famous ski resort of St. Moritz, and when you get to the lake just outside the city turn right towards Italy instead of left to St. Moritz. This approximately 2 hour car ride will take you over the stunning Julier Pass and through the mountains right into Italy to the shores of Lake Como. The change is almost instantaneous and dramatic! Gone is the typical Swiss country side with all her charms, to be instantly replaced by Italian palazzos. Many of these palazzos are also open to tourists, and they are definitely worth a look. A building that looks like a slightly dilapidated mansion on the outside often hides beautiful pieces of art (even by old masters) inside. The enthusiastic tour guides are often also more than happy to tell you about the history of the building.

The shores of Lake Como are also not to be neglected. There are many hidden bathing areas, and the water is often quite pleasant! Boating trips are also a possibility, and there are many different places to explore. If you avoid that more famous areas (such as the city of Como), the tourist pressures are quite mild, allowing you to enjoy yourself in peace. Read more >>

Beaches in Switzerland

There are a multitude of lakes in Switzerland that have quite pleasant water in the summer. While the mountain lakes within half an hour of Tiefencastel are quite stunning, the water temperature rarely rises above 18 degrees in them. However, The Zürichsee and the Bodensee are both readily accessible by car. A less than 2 hour drive away, they are host to a large number of very pleasant beaches. These beaches tend to be evenly spaced, with a kilometer or so between each beach. It is recommended that you look up a good route to drive up to the lakes, but once there finding a place to enjoy the sun and the water should be no problem at all.

The Italian Lake Como is also a highly popular – and for good reason – tourist destination. Please see this report from a Como lake visit for more details.